Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love is Walking Hand-in-Hand by Charles M. Schulz

Love is having a special song.
Love is accepting a person for what he is.
Love is sharing your pop corn.
Love is getting someone a glass of water in the middle of the night.
Love is a valentine with lace all around the edges.
Love is looking out for your friends.
Love is a phone call.
Love is a helping hand.
Love is trust.
Love is being nominated for the neighborhood dog of the year.
Love is eating out with your whole family.
Love is rooting together for your team.
Love is wanting to make someone smile.
Love is listening without interrupting.
Love is being polite to people.
Love is helping your team to win.
Love is visiting a sick friend.
Love is watching someone else’s boring show on T.V.
Love is sitting all the way through a recital.
Love is believing in someone.
Love is not littering.
Love is helping someone through his battles.
Love is hoping that she hasn’t forgotten you.
Love is walking in the rain together.
Love is making fudge together.
Love is flowers from your favorite person.
Love is being tolerant.
Love is meeting someone by the pencil sharpener.
Love is letting your house guest have your room.
Love is waking someone up from a bad dream.
Love is making plans together.
Love is wondering what he is doing right now this very moment.
Love is being a good loser.
Love is buying somebody a present with your own money.
Love is passing notes back and forth in school.
Love is being hospitable.
Love is letting him win even though you know you could slaughter him.
Love is being happy just knowing that she’s happy… but that isn’t so easy.
Love is dressing up for someone.
Love is a push in the right direction.
Love is not nagging.
Love is being faithful to the very end.
Love is when your friends ask to give you a testimonial dinner.
Love is tickling.
Love is an invitation to lunch.
Love is allowing someone to sleep late.
Love is committing yourself in writing.
Love is hating to say goodbye.
Love is mussing up someone’s hair.
Love is loaning your best comic magazines.
Love is walking hand-in-hand.
Love is helping your sister with her homework.
Love is a letter on pink stationery.
Love is being a good watch dog.
Love is wishing you had nerve enough to go over and talk with that little girl with the red hair.
Love is being patient with your little brother.
Love is close dancing.
Love is standing in a doorway just to see her if she comes walking by.
Love is a flag.
Love is a goodnight kiss.
Love is a smile even when he keeps you waiting.
Love is the whole world.
For me...
Love is spending your honeymoon in Algonquin Park.
Love is being woken each day with a kiss.
Love is the laughter that comes after the tears.
Love is pizza on Friday night.
Love is someone shrinking your favourite sweater.
Love is snow on a Valentine's Day....

What is your love is?

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