Saturday 31 December 2011

In The Year To Come.

Each year I hear family and friends resit their "resolutions" for the year to come. I've never made any new year's resolutions, but I've supported many loved ones with theirs! I realise January 1st is historically when we set goals or attempt change ourselves or aspects of our lives for the better. These changes can seem positive in nature, such as to lose weight, change jobs, quit smoking, exercise more... But are they truly positive...?  Instituting these life changes can add undue stress during a time of season when we are financially tapped out and lacking the sunshine vitamin. This year I propose we attempt to change nothing.   Let us instead take measure of this past year in a different light and examine where we have experienced success, joy and fulfilment and mearly aim to continue this in 2012. 

Tonight I'll be celebrating 6 years of marriage to my Husband Chris, running my fastest 5km time yet(20:31!), a challenging and memorable canoe to Killarney Provincial Park, being a good friend to some amazing women, competing in my first Crossfit competition and lastly, starting this blog! 

This New Year's Eve I will not be making any resolutions, I will be simply be celebrating 2011 and how perfect it was because I had the chance to live it!  We're already doing amazing things in our lives for ourselves and others! So I ask you...What will you be celebrating tonight?

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Beautiful State Of Maine.




Last May my Husband and I had the absolute pleasure of vacationing in the beautiful State of Maine.  While there we visited Johnson Woolen Mills, The L.L.Bean Factory in Brunswick, Freeport to shop at the L.L. Bean Flagship Store and Wolf's Neck State Park for a mid-morning hike.  The entire trip was grey and rainy...making it the perfect weather to wear our bean boots!

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Laura McKibbon

This ceramic dish was a 6th annversary gift from my Husband, it is an original Laura McKibbon piece.  Laura's artwork incorporates hand-build, functional ceramics with photography and printmaking. Her work can be purchased at Gardiner Museum in Toronto, ON.